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wrote a very interesting two part article about Amazon book ranking algorithm.  I recommend that you read the entire article (links to both parts of the article are at the end of this post).  I found the article very educational.  The most practical take away from the article was the list of tools that are helpful for improving and understanding Amazon search results.  I have tried each of them and here is that list below with my comments.

  1. https://www.kdspy.com/ – This is a very sophisticated tool that helps you find the best performing keywords using real time data from Amazon. There is a free video tutorial that shows how it works.  This tool is not free but has a free trial period.
  2. https://kdp.amazon.com/help?topicId=A200PDGPEIQX41 – This is a free category browser tool from Amazon.  You can do similar analysis to what kdspy tool does manually but obviously it take much longer.
  3. https://kindlepreneur.com/amazon-kdp-sales-rank-calculator/# – This free tool tells you how many books a particular book is selling to reach its ranking.  It looks like a calculator.  You input the book rank and it tells you how many books are sold a day.
  4. http://keywordtool.io/ – This tool generates related keywords.  It has a free version and a paid version.   The free version shows you a smaller set of keywords and does not show the specific volume details.  The pro version gives more keywords and exact numbers.  I found the free version useful as it the list contained two good keywords I did not think of on my own.
  5. https://aws.amazon.com/machine-learning/details/ – this is for-fee service from Amazon that allows you to model predictions based on your own data.  I read the tutorial and this is a pretty complicated tool. You need to have data to feed into the system, generate a predictive mode (with guidance) and then experiment with the results.  You are charged based on the amount of time you spend using the system. I did not think this tool would be helpful to me at this time.

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