This is a supplement to “Step by Step Back Surgery” book.  This handy list is a summary of links provided in the book.  Since Kindle makes it different to copy and past text I am providing this list as a post for ease of use.  The book contains the evaluation and comparison of the tools, where as this list provides just the links.

No-Rinse Shampoo Cap

Bottom Buddy Toilet Tool

Long Reach Toilet Aid

Sock Buddy


Quad Cane with Small Base

Flent Quiet Contour earplugs

Noise reducing earmuffs

Fleece lined Crocs

Vornado Zippi Fan

No-rise Shampoo

MP3 player for audio books

36″ Unger grabber

Rubbermaid step stool

Shower rail with suction cups

Foam water pipe insulation for walker

Dura-med grabber


Toro Power Shovel