Kady Dash is the author of “Step by step Back Surgery, a guide to an easier & faster recovery”.  She is also working on the second book in this series “Step by step Cataract Surgery, a day by day guide.”

Kady Dash is a patient information advocate. She writes from personal experience sharing information that only someone who has been through the procedure would know. Privacy laws protect our personal information but make it difficult for doctors to facilitate communication between their past and current patients. Kady’s writing is detailed, personal, and from the heart. She shares the intimate details of her experience before, during and after the medical procedures she is writing about. She hopes people can learn from her experience and the information they learned will make the surgery and recovery a better experience. No piece of information is too small or too unimportant.

“Step by Step Back Surgery, a guide to faster and easier recovery” helps you finalize your decision and tells you what you need to do to make your recovery and rehabilitation easier. From what to bring to the hospital to physical limitations at various stages after the surgery, and from the special mobility aids to the physical therapy exercises this book gives you a detailed account of everything you might want to know.

This book is for anyone who is seeking information beyond the information you can get from a doctor. “Step by Step Back Surgery, a guide to faster and easier recovery” will empower you to make better decisions.

Kady Dash has a Masters Degree in Mathematics and has been an IT professional in the New England area.